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I have a camera.

Kodak BrownieSince the days of the Kodak Brownie and early Polaroids, many consumers have struggled with the question of why to use a professional photographer.   With today’s point-and-shoot digital cameras and smartphones, virtually everyone has the ability to take a picture at will.   Polaroid Land CameraSelf-serve photo printers in local corner drug and department stores make printing your photos relatively easy and inexpensive.

So, why use PhotoPicks?

The simple answer is, “RESULTS!”   ’Course, you’re not looking for a simple answer, so here goes with the more involved one.

Consider the fact that, when it comes to creating photographic memories that you’ll hang on your wall, most consumers wouldn’t dream of doing it themselves.   Why?   “RESULTS!”   In other words, a professional knows: how to effectively pose people in such a way that they look natural while reflecting their personalties; how to pick the right background for the shot to show off the people, rather than that beat-up car that you couldn’t quite get out of the shot; how to process the photo so everyone in it looks their best without looking like someone else; how to produce the prints, framed pieces, books, etc. in a way that lasts the test of time.   PhotoPicks Photography & Art has a proven track record with all of these.

Before  After

The before and after of a portrait photo

Consider the fact that most companies that don’t have their own art department will seek out a professional for shots of their products and/or staff.   Why?   “RESULTS!”   In other words, the photos representing their company can make or break their advertising efforts, where “you get what you pay for” is a proven fact.

Before   treasure chest   After

The before and after of a commercial photo