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In The Beginning...

We began as Tom (’Mas) Pickering and Patti Gray-Pickering.

In the past, our photography had been a means to an end to better serve the need of Tom’s other business (PourHouse Productions’ - now Picks Pix & Web) for high quality photos of products, staff, locations, etc. for their websites.   Tom has been taking photos since age 12, when he first stepped into the darkroom of his local Boy’s Club and watched in amazement as photos magically appeared in a chemical bath.   Both Tom & Patti have received top honors in a variety of local, regional & national contests.

In 2006, they decided to make it official.   They came up with the name PhotoPicks as a play on the last name - Pickerings - as well as an indication that we offer select photographs and services.   We secured the corresponding domain name & server space and this website was born to showcase our work and spread the word about our new business.

flower memorial
Though Patti lost her battle with cancer in December of 2010, her spirit lives on and her artwork continues to make a statement to this day.