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Q. Why is a watermark on every photo I receive?
A. Two reasons we watermark: - 1) Every artist signs their work, and we view each print we produce as a work of art; and 2) It helps to protect our artistic efforts from being copied without our permission.   We “sign” our work in a noticeable but out-of-the-way place.
Q. May we copy our prints?
A. Unless you are a commercial client that is paying for the ownership of their images or have purchased print rights, we do not permit you to copy the prints we produce.  You may order prints of any size from wallets to murals, as well as a variety of other photographic gift items directly from us.  Web ready versions of your photos can also be purchased, with which you can copy and share.  Print-ready images can be purchased at a higher price which you MAY print as delivered without modification.

Pricing and Fees

Q. How do you determine your prices?
A. In the vast majority of cases, our prices are based upon the projected amount of time needed for professional processing.

Our job has only just begun when the lens cap is put on.  Each photo must be tested against our standards.  Those that make the grade must then be refined by cropping, sharpening, smoothing and other techniques to bring the image to the point where we’re proud to put our name upon it and confident you’re going to love it!
Q. Do you offer any discounts?
A. Nothing is etched in stone (although we can make most images look like they are).   Tell us about your needs - we are reasonable and want to be your go to photographer.   Also, we often make special arrangements with charitable organizations for members and/or events.

Please use our Contact or Booking form to let us know of your special needs.   You can also call us at 563-320-7968 to discuss it!